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Supply, Procurement and Trading Services of Industrial Equipment, Engineering, Services and Special Petroleum & LPG Storage Tank Business

1. Procurement Service
Power & Energy Plant, Petrochemical Plant
We are executing the Systematic procurement service in the field of all Energy generation such as Mining / Boring / Refining / Transportation / Providing plant and Steam-power, Composite-power, Water-power, Solar-power etc. of Oil, Gas etc. and other related Petrochemistry
Environmental Plant
We are supplying not only Treatment systems for Waste water, Pure water and Seawater but also various Pollution prevention facilities and Consulting service.
2. Supply Service
Industrial Facilities and Machinery
We are providing the Factory automation facilities& System engineering for Steel, Shipbuilding, Automobile, Cement, Paper making, Medicine, Foods and all Machinery and Core equipment of Industrial devices etc.
Light Industry Products and Other Equipment
We are providing various light industry products,Durable consumer goods, and Industrial products,Consumable goods, various industrial materials close to Private small business, and various raw materials, capital goods, repair, maintenance and etc.
3.Engineering Service
Storage Tank Business
Refinery Tank farm, LPG Tank system,Large scale underground storage facilities etc. Design, Prefabrication,and Site erection.
Vehicles and Construction Equipment
We are providing various Construction equipment,Construction vehicles, Specialized vehicles, Bus, Military truck, Passenger car, Electricity car, Railway vehicles etc.and Site erection.